Anything Else?

Q. I need cash, is there an ATM available?

A. There is no ATM on premises, the closest being located at the nearby BP service station a block away. Please note that the snack table and charity raffle handle cash only.

Q. I've lost something, where do I go?

A. There will be a ‘Lost & Found’ box located at the snack table in the main function room. In addition if you happen to find someone else's items please also bring them to this location.

Q. Is BorderCon on social media?
A. BorderCon can be found on BoardGameGeek, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our hashtag for this year is #bordercon2019. We recommend subscribing to us on one of these platforms so you can stay up-to-date with future news and announcements.

Q. What is a 'Virtual Flea Market' and how can I take part?

A. A virtual flea market is run entirely online via BoardGameGeek, where people can post games for sale via a variety of methods (fixed price, auction, Dutch auction etc) just like a regular flea market.  Any games sold are then brought to BorderCon to be exchanged between the buyer and seller at the event.  It represents an easy way for people to offload games without the hassle of bringing all their stock to the event and for others that are interested in acquiring a game second-hand without having to worry about postage.  This year's Virtual Flea Market can be found here.


Q. Where do I go for any other problems or queries during the event?

A. Please seek out one of our event organisers for any queries. They can be found wearing blue BorderCon shirts.