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Code Of Conduct


  1. No cheating.

  2. Please wear your supplied name badge at all times.

  3. Avoid open drinks on the table.

  4. Play respectfully with others and make new players feel welcome.

  5. If someone doesn’t know how to play your game, please teach them.

  6. Please do not ‘table reserve’ by setting up a game then leaving for an extended time. If you are not yet ready to play please leave the table free so someone else can game there instead.

  7. If there is a shortage of tables, try to contain your game to one end of the table so another game can be set up on the same table.

  8. Treat the games and components with respect. Any games you borrow please return in the condition you found them.

  9. Always check the floor for dropped pieces when packing your game up.

  10. Please put your rubbish in the bin. If the bin is full please notify an event organiser.

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