Games & Storage

Q. Are games provided?
A. We do not have an official library, however most attendees bring their own games which they permit others to borrow. Our onsite vendor will also have a small library of games that can be borrowed from.

Q. I plan to bring my own games, will there be storage available?
A. Shelving will be provided at the event for attendees to use. Please note that we only encourage use of the provided shelves if you intend to allow your games to be borrowed, otherwise we ask that attendees keep their games in their rooms / cars to allow others to use the shelf space.

Q. How large are the shelves?

A. Our shelving units have 5 shelves each, with each shelf being 30cm high, 35cm deep and 95cm wide (example). We recommend bringing your games in a storage container (eg. bag, box, plastic tub) that can fit directly onto the shelves to save you the trouble of unpacking them - a standard 30 litre plastic tub should fit (though double-check your measurements).

Q. How can I prevent my games being lost?

A. We have label sheets for attendees available here (A5 size) which can be printed out and attached to your games collection. With these sheets you can specify whether you are happy for your games to be freely borrowed or if you'd rather be contacted first. We also recommend having your details written somewhere inside each game you bring to identify yourself as the owner.