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Strike Mini Tournament

This year our good friend Rene will be running a mini tournament for Cubiko, a 'quick and simple Dexterity Game by Gavin Birnbaum. You need absolutely no experience with the game to take part.

It will take place at 9:30am on Sunday. A booking sheet will be available on the Communications Board to record your name if you would like to take part. After this all you need to do is be in the main function room at 9:30am to learn the rules, play your games and meet people.


Family Games Challenge


For many years now, BorderCon has had a very fun and enjoyable Family Games Challenge, organised by BorderCon regular Chris.

Each year the challenge involves picking a game that is pretty light and not too rules-heavy and having families take part in a fun and lighthearted event to see which family will reign supreme! It's great for the kids, allows parents to game with their children at BorderCon and the children get to know each other as well.

As a prize we have a trophy that will have your family's name inscribed upon it should you manage to go all the way.


This year’s chosen game will be decided on the weekend.  Please see either Chris or Neil (BorderCon organiser) about taking part. (Please Note: participating families require a minimum of one child under 16 accompanied by at least one parent)

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